Sightseeing trip by ACB Tour

Price 75 € (1 Hour)


Paris differently :


Parisian or Visitor willing to better know the capital, Access City Bike offer the visit through different sightseeing places.
Our drivers are more than happy to offer a nice moto ride to discover Paris in an original way.
Let you drive through and you will be invited to look around on the monuments or stop in an old street to discover the hidden Parisian gems.
At the end of the ride, you can read the booklet about the trip offered by your driver.(Download the booklet)
“Feel & Be in” is what we offer with this charming Parisians rides.
The “Ville de lumières” will appear to you on the “new light”.
*Our present as a souvenir: Access City Bike can offer you a photo on the Goldwing (on demand)






Price on demand

Procession Escort :

Original idea which will make a difference: chose the Goldwing escort during your wedding procession.

Some more: your invitee can film the ride from the motorbike back sit.

Make from this exceptional day a great souvenir!